How to make a Travel Watercolor Palette from Vintage Tins

closed tin2.png

Summer usually entails traveling and as artists we like the ability to take our paint with us! Even if we don’t use them! I like to bring my supplies along, but I don’t want to haul around anything that weighs a ton, the simpler the better, at least for me. It’s always easy to throw a small sketchbook and pencil in your bag, maybe a few pens and colored pencils and be on your way. But what if you want the option to paint? Specifically watercolor painting.

This is actually a really easy, and fun fix. In the video I talk about making travel palettes out of vintage tins. Not only are they super unique, but it’s so fun to hunt for your next potential palette! Converting vintage tins into watercolor palettes is super economical and you can customize the colors to fit your needs. If you like to paint landscapes, or flowers, people, or animals you can create specific color palettes for each of your tins. Now if you don’t have the time to shop flea markets (that’s where you’ll find them the cheapest) you can always shop Ebay or Etsy, but that’s not as fun as browsing a local flea market or vintage store.

Another option and a bit of time saver, if you don’t want to hunt the flea markets, is to head to your local craft store and pick up some empty tins, having a coupon will make it just as affordable as purchasing a vintage tin. In the video I talk about using an Altoid tin, re purposing tins that you already have is a great way to go too!

Open tin.png

Outfitting your tin is really easy too, just order some half pans (or whatever size you like, they have circular pans also but they’re more expensive) and fill them with the tube watercolors of your choice! Make sure to put your magnets on the bottom, which come included on the 48 pack of half pans that I purchased from Amazon. It’s really that easy, the hard part is picking the colors that you want to include! You can make several of these palettes that are specific to your needs.

I talk a little about water brushes in the video and also some other pre-made palettes that are nice for traveling. If you have any questions about the paint or palettes I use, let me know in the comment section. See you next time!