Kalesvara Mudra

Kalesvara Mudra

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Kalesvara mudra (hand gestures that direct the flow of energy), is a gesture that opens the third eye chakra, improves memory, clears conflicting thoughts and helps to eliminate addictive behavior, an overall calming mudras. I painted this with the chakras in mind and the colors represent the fourth through the seventh chakras, each symbol is outlined in gold. The position of the hands creates a heart which represented by healing green of the heart chakra.

This mudra series incorporates a lot of metallic ink, which will not show up on a reproduction print. Therefore, each of these prints will be hand embellished with metallic ink after they have been printed to maintain the integrity of the piece, which is why these prints are priced a little higher.

Due to the detailed hand embellishment that’s required, please allow 2 weeks for the order to be processed.

This painting is now available as a Yoga Mat, click here to purchase!

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