Ksepana Mudra

Ksepana Mudra

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This is Ksepana mudra and helps us to release negativity and frustration. If you do this seated or lying down the index fingers should be pointed toward the feet.

You can also do this as an asana practice by starting at the heart center, index fingers up. Inhale and turn the fingers toward the floor keeping your arms long, inhale again and sweep the arms overhead fingers pointed up. On the exhale move the hands to the crown, forehead, nose, lips and back to the heart. Visualize light flowing into your body on the inhale and on the exhale release the negativity. Repeat 7x.

This mudra series incorporates a lot of metallic ink, which will not show up on a reproduction print. Therefore, each of these prints will be hand embellished with metallic ink after they have been printed to maintain the integrity of the piece, which is why these prints are priced a little higher.

Due to the detailed hand embellishment that’s required, please allow 2 weeks for the order to be processed.

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