A fun approachable way to learn watercolor

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Welcome to this fun, watercolor class! Did you know that my mother is a quilter and has been sewing for well over 40 years? I’ve been around fabric and quilts for a very long time, and my house is full of her beautiful creations.

I’m not much for sewing, but I love to paint! My mother’s quilts were the inspiration for this class and it’s great for beginners and seasoned artists too. You don’t need any drawing skills, just a willingness to learn watercolor, so come and join me!

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Project List


Exercise 1: Learning to Grid

In this video, I’ll walk you through laying out your own grid on paper to start your practice exercises.

Gridding Paper.png

Exercise 2: Grid Painting

In the second exercise, we’ll start painting our grid and I’ll show you some fun effects with the watercolor.

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Exercise 3: Planning

In this video we’ll begin to plan out the fruit you’ll be painting. I’ll show you how to figure out sizing on small grid paper and transfer the design to a larger sheet of watercolor paper.

Project planning.png

Final Project: Fruit

In the final three videos of this class, I will paint an orange and you can follow along to see the progression in real time. At the end we’ll add some lettering and final details to bring the piece together.

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Only $35

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Here’s what you’ll learn after completing this class:

After completing this course, you’ll be more familiar with the feel of watercolor and will also have developed brush control. You will gain insight into the different effects created with salt, how to use mixed media with your watercolors and how to create your own patchwork designs.

We’ll also talk about color theory and many tips and tricks about watercolor along the way!

I look forward to creating with you!



Only $35

Registration is now open!



What topics will we cover?

Supplies, brushes, paint and paper
Create a grid layout
Applying watercolor, adding effects and details
Designing a subject using a grid method - no drawing skills needed
Transferring a design to larger paper


Only $35

Registration is now open!


Supplies for this class

  • White Gel pen

  • Paper towels

  • Water

  • Micron pens

  • H series pencil

  • 9 x 12” Watercolor paper - Hot or cold pressed, 140 lb

  • Watercolor brushes, small round

  • Watercolor paint - pans or tubes is fine

  • Ruler

  • Small grid journal or grid paper

  • Eraser